We all are artists at our own

We all are artists at our own

We all are artists at our own, we start our life from little colors and as we move forward ,the darker shades would be highlighted in it, just as life is simple and pure before but now have become darker and uneasy.. But why it is so? It’s true that the color we filled in our life wouldn’t be same for always it must get faded one day and become pale, but have you ever think that you can make those color joyful in your life until they get pale, so don’t sit, stand out make your colors to shine for you even the darker shades come to be highlighted ,

bring them more stronger to bright you in a good way, make a good painting of your life with those flying colors ,any thing which makes mess or give you some lesson just paint it and don’t take them as worst part of your life take it as the bridge which you have to cross with full efforts and excitement..make your life a worth making as Allah create us with most beautiful and marvellous artwork.. . .

by :urooj fatima

4th year dpt lumhs

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