The Physics As I See It

The Physics As I See It

The Physics; As I See It

The randomness of the atoms make them distinctive from one another. Some atoms move with high velocity while other with slow, but there is absolutely no existence of an atom with zero velocity.

See, this all makes sense.
We as humans are also like these atoms. It is this randomness that makes us unique. This randomness is our emotions.
Emotion; an only attribute by which we are entitled as Soft, Hard, Cold, Warm Hearted, Joyous, Sad, Jubilant, Barbaric, Arrogant, Maniac and many more, depending upon our in-the-moment situation and guess it makes us much more of a Human.

But, when a person loses all his emotions he becomes dead, just like an atom which when stops moving, ceases to exist.
These are our emotions that make this existence of ours worthwhile. If we lose it, then we are nothing but the exceptional robots that by chance learnt to take in and take out breath.
Get yourself moving like an atom that strives to get it’s recognition, keep on moving-slow or fast. Do not get afraid for people will entitle you with different titles, be glad that they do! Then let your consciousness determine which one of it is that you want to get called off.

BY: Beenish Habibani

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