Round about 2 hours left he was sitting on his chair in the same corner as he used to sit few years back ,starring at clock still an hour is lefted for someone to come than he shifted his eyes to the other corner where a single table was placed (it is reserved for someone) as always:)

Next, he was writing something on paper, he stops ,a big smile came to his face (recalling that the same thing he’d done before) he asked waiter to put this on that table. He was thinking actually, why his attention was focused on that table (will she sit there as few years back or she used to change her mind) he wakedup suddenly (as he was lost in deep thought).

The doorbell rings as someone is going to enter, his eyes was at clock it was exact 11 o’clock ( time on which she used to come at the cafe)
Awwh !! He can easily feel his heartbeat which was getting stronger and stronger, faster as faster ,he just wanted to take a large jump ,stand and turn back to look does she is there ,but he can’t,

that’s what he had always done ! Sad…
He was still on his chair taking deep breath trying to relax himself, after such effort he tried to look at her and when his eyes reached there he was freezed for few seconds(Oh my goodness she was there, same as always sitting on her chair, he looked at her from all around ,

wearing simple dress with high pony tail ,cute smile on her face and yeah (chachmich as always :D) ..he was gazing at her..
She was reading something on paper (Oh he rushed that paper, like he was back from his dream)..her eyes was still focused on that papern or I can say on that same words which she used to read from past few years (Simplicity is the best jewel,

it takes everything with it and you lie totally on it..)..with same cute little smile she folded that paper put it in her purse ,almost she had finished her coffee and she was just ready to get up and leave the coffee shop and in few minutes she was gone , and as always he was sitting there still thinking about her (wondering that she attracts me ,she might be carrying something with her yeah (her simplicity) everything lies in it and that takes me close to her


by urooj Fatima..
4th year dpt lumhs

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