She sits quietly besides me and was silent totally

She sits quietly besides me and was silent totally

She sits quietly besides me and was silent totally she pretends that she is perfectly fine.. She takes her face in upward direction and opens her eyes slowly ,her eyes fixed at the sky for few minutes (as she didn’t want to break the rhythm)..tear starts to fill her eyes, suddenly her hands goes near to her face and she tried to cover all her emotions into her hands, still she pretends so strong ..

When the slience breaks she utters some words “Sometimes I wish I had never met you, so when I lay in bed at night I wouldn’t have anything to be sad about ”

when i start to say something her words convert into sentences “its going to be end now so why not I my self start to take the first step( she was trying to convince herself that what she is saying) sometime it’s better to hurt your heart and rest your soul (I was just stucked at my side and she continue).

you need to be at better site at better place, you need someone better than me” she just stops and start getting up from my side, she speaks once again but it was her last words which touched my ear “GOOD BYE” and she starts walking away step by step and by few second she disappears and she left me there with blank mind, empty soul..
It feels like the darkness is surrounding me from all arround, I take my eyes up and looked at the sky it was as dark as when she left me a moment before…
she left unanswered for rest of the life….
یوں تو وہ چھوڑ گئ
مگر سوالیا نشان چھوڑ کر
محبت کا دروازہ کھول کر
نا مجھے اندر آنے دیا نا مجھے باہر جانے دیا..
by urooj fatima

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