“Newcomers and LUMHS”

“Newcomers and LUMHS”

“Newcomers and LUMHS” Senior comes in the class along with his gang. A heavy silent follows in the class! Have you heard of Medico madness, Janitor? (pointing at one of the juniors) Nah! Why would I? Am not mad! Oh! Com’on! LUMHS is the land where your body will be dissected along with its Physiology and Biochemistry in the first two years of MBBS! Are you kidding senior(Sir)? Why would they dissect? Can’t they teach on books? Hold your riens nigga! You were just at the verge of blasphemy as you have disrespected our mentors, saviors and teachers! Are you afraid? Aha! One must be! It happnes with everyone who comes and try to become part of it.


Are you afraid of Ragging? This also happens! At least you must pay respect to those who are already facing that torture! Isn’t the ragging justified this way? Heavy breathing comes in the play! And, he starts saying to his inner man: “Seems like I’ve chosen the wrong field and varsity!” Senior: What are you thinking? Don’t you guys allow us to have introduction of you, janitors? Of course Sir…senior: All juniors in one voice. Okay! So let’s have introduction of you guys as we people also have a very important class of ENT to attend. Someone from those fresh faces who seems like curious about the medical terminology asks:

“What is ENT?” Someone from my gang: “ENT wo cheez Hai Jo Throat see Dali Jati Hai Lekin Dard Aankhoon Main Se Zahir Hota Hai”……. A heavy laugh follows! After all ragging starts! Someone sings, Someone dances, Someone mimics but no one was left except girls who were highly responsible for giving us support in the laughing system as the girls are often good at making fun of boys.(No hard feelings plz) Next day comes! We catch few of the fresh faces on the internal canteen! So before we start today’s proceeding let me introduce you this place.

Guys! This is the only place where you will often find couples discussing about the terms of Anatomy, mechanisms of Physiology and chemical reactions of Biochemistry so one without gf (like us) can’t find himself comfortable in this place. But, you are really gonna enjoy some sensational scenes here like: Boy bringing burger or cup of tea for her gf or carrying her purse while she is straightening her beautiful hair or arranging all the beautiful stuff when it’s her birthday and much more which I can’t tell because those scenes are worth witnessing with your own eyes.

All those janitors(Juniors)(Fresh faces) who are reading this post are just more than welcome to the land of LUMHS. You don’t need to be afraid of anything. Ragging is also the part of varsity life. Kindly contribute with your seniors until and unless that ragging/act is against the standards of our society. You have got every single right to complain against those students. So, make your ragging days more memorable by showing your hidden talent rather.. And all seniors should take care of one thing that the abusive language, unethical practices and harsh words must not be the part of your ragging session as these things might affect the mental health of someone. We are gonna meet soon, new niggas!

~Chandio Abdul Wahid (3rd year MBBS—LUMHS)

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