I’m not a good writer and I won’t write something

I’m not a good writer and I won’t write something

As he starts to write he mentioned that dear guys I’m not a good writer and I won’t write something that has no any Existence, I will not write any story today ,I’m just going to express the fakeness of the world in my words. That how this world is full of those people who used to change their appearance according to surrounding by such stupid things changing their color ,attitude and so and so far ,

guys don’t you think we humans are bacome fake we aren’t real we have dual face, sometimes we become fake sometime we came to our actual existence. “So lets begin now, I saw how people used to do backbiting of others, they think by theirself that other people are down to them they are meaningless ,they don’t have any sense they are mannerless so and so far, and these type of people don’t take few minutes to change, on face they are something and on back they become something else,

I myself saw people doing this or you can say I had got much experience about it” “so I decided to put all those experiences into my words ,I must say for now people love to being fake they had adopted it all around, so now as they deal others same other deal them” “I would say if you loved to become fake for others so why don’t you take it in a positive manner…if you see someone is down he’s dipress there use your fakeness positively..

give them hope even it doesn’t work just give it ,appriciate them either they are wrong because you are going to make them smile, you will make them to lives once again” “just as once I myself used to show people their real face and so I was being disliked by them, so I change my pattern and how I did so I just used to appreciate them that you are going good but if you do this thing in that pattern wouldn’t it be more better (you know that they will still do such unacceptable things but one day may you get success at your work),


and by time I myself change my pattern that now from onwards I will not show them their mistakes directly but indirectly I can do that by giving fake hope or ideas, and I must say all from doing this they gives me love instead of disliking” “so what I found being fake is not bad just how you are taking it its on you..if you deal people with wrong they will deal you with same.. So start making people smile even its fake make them laugh do something which they like even you don’t want ..give ideas to them but in their way as they take it in a good way and then you will see how you are been loved by them.. . . .


BY: Urooj Fatima

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